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NOTD: Pink and Silver

Since I cut my nails months ago I had not used my dotting tools and my striping nail polishes. For some reason my nails take a super long time to grow but since they're a decent length I decided to whip them out and this is what I came up with. 
Products Used:
-OPI Chip Skip
-Fulgurance Garlic Strengthener by Fuller
-Nabi "Candy"
-KleanColor "Barbie Pink"
-Nabi "Black"
-Pro FX UV Gloss Top Coat


A Small Ebay Haul

There's nothing more exciting to me than when I get a package in the mail. It feels like Christmas to me. So I was super excited when I saw I had three packages waiting for me. First, I've been wanting a small purse I can throw on when I go out shopping so it doesn't get in the way like big bags do. So I got this Dream Out Loud by Selena Gomez cross body purse. Regular price is $12 but I got it for $9.

I also got some necklaces. This one I liked because it looks very delicate but if you look up close then you notice the little skulls which give it that rocker vibe without losing the girlyness. (Pretty sure that's not a word. :)) This one I got for $2.30

This next one I just liked the colors. I can just throw on a plain white shirt and  pair it with this necklace and I'm good to go. This I got for $2.79

Last but not least...I got the OPI Chip Skip. The only reason I don't keep a manicure longer is because it chips within the second day. So I wanted to give this a try. I will be doing a review on this. I got this for $ 7.40


NOTD: Blue Peacock

These are the nails I did today. I applied this gorgeous blue color. The name of it is unknown because the sticker fell off.

But then I decided to bump it up with some stamping. I used the plate BM-212 


NOTD:Seaweed Green

These are the nails I did today. The neilpolish is called seaweed by La Rosa. I really like this polish because it has some gold shimmer to it. Then I just added some flower rhinestones.


My favorite perfumes

Another obsession of mine besides make-up are perfumes. I think girls should always smell good. I own over 20  perfumes. My first perfume ever was Ralph Lauren Romance. I've gotten to a point where I think I have too many, so I've decided to use what I have. Here are the ones I reach for the most...
 *Bright Crystal by Versace*

 *Paris Hilton by Paris Hilton*

*Guess for women by Guess*

My Voyage by Nautica


NOTD: Blue Crackle

This is what I did to my nails today,which I know won't last since I get bored easily. I used Nabi in Fruit Green and a crackle polish that I got at a downtown beauty supply store for about $3.


Go to summer lipsticks

For summer I like to wear as little make-up as possible. It gets really hot where I live so I don't really want all the make-up melting off. Thats why I lean towards a clean eye (and by clean I mean just mascara) and a bright lip. Below are some swatches of my go to lipsticks.

First Entry...

Hi I'm Karla. I've been following a few blogs for some time now and I have to say they're are addicting. So I decided to start one of my own. This blog will be about anything make-up. So join me on this journey that I'm about to start...