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A Small Ebay Haul

There's nothing more exciting to me than when I get a package in the mail. It feels like Christmas to me. So I was super excited when I saw I had three packages waiting for me. First, I've been wanting a small purse I can throw on when I go out shopping so it doesn't get in the way like big bags do. So I got this Dream Out Loud by Selena Gomez cross body purse. Regular price is $12 but I got it for $9.

I also got some necklaces. This one I liked because it looks very delicate but if you look up close then you notice the little skulls which give it that rocker vibe without losing the girlyness. (Pretty sure that's not a word. :)) This one I got for $2.30

This next one I just liked the colors. I can just throw on a plain white shirt and  pair it with this necklace and I'm good to go. This I got for $2.79

Last but not least...I got the OPI Chip Skip. The only reason I don't keep a manicure longer is because it chips within the second day. So I wanted to give this a try. I will be doing a review on this. I got this for $ 7.40

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