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Change of color...

Hey guys! So like I've said before I've dyed my hair red for a very long time, and I'm over it. I've tried everything, but the red won't go away. A cousin and someone on luuux, advised me to dye it a cool brown. I was told the red would come back, the I just needed to repeat the process until my hair retained the color. That is why I decided to go with a semi-permanent dye (it's less damaging). Though its darker than the box, I love it because I was tired of the red. It's a good change for me.  Let me know what you think... 

 This is what was inside the box

 It came with two sets of gloves. One for my first application and the second one for my next application in two weeks. 

 Waiting for 10 minutes in style ;)

 This is what my hair looked like straight out of the shower



I still have some red spots, which are not extremely visible, because one box wasn't enough. So I'm hoping that when I do my 2nd week application, I will get some of that red. 

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