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Nail Polish Haul w/ Swatches

When ordering online thats the only way I can buy nail polishes, by looking at people's swatches. So I thought I'd share mine.

Savage- While Looking for swatches on a nail blog. They said how the polish was matte. So I put it on my "to buy" list. The nail polish doesn't say its matte though.

Dream on- It is also matte, which I didn't know until I received the package. I basically got it because it was a bright "Barney" purple. Being matte is just a plus. :)

Dancing Nails- Beautiful coppery pink color. Its very shimmery. Love it!

Boogie Nights- A coral color closer to the orange side

Mercury Rising- A red wine type of color. Perfect for fall or even winter.

Nirvana- On my picture, the color in the bottle looks too light. The color on the nail is more accurate.

Folly- A bright pinky red. ♥

Hazard- An orange color with a bit of peachy tones

Timbleberry- A bright very bright red with orange tones.

Rich in Heart- a shimmery burgundy color

Casting Call- A burnt pink

Wet Cement- a gray color...simple :)

Blazed- a coral color with pink undertones

Dreamy Poppy- a hot pink

I'm so happy with my purchases I don't know which one I want to use first. lol
Maybe you'll find out on my next NOTD ;)

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